Kreepy Krauly’s Focus on product and service Innovation

Since 1974, Kreepy Krauly has focused on developing and positioning its brand in such a way that has allowed it to become a well-known, well-respected and trusted household brand not only in south Africa but also in many countries all over the world.

Recently, Kreepy Krauly has focused on creating a more holistic approach when dealing with their business customers as well as the end user. They have done this by creating a state of the are customer care center where customers can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee whilst their product gets assessed and repaired and even get their pool water tested in their computerized system.

Kreepy Krauly has a number as well trained and experienced sales representatives and customer liaison officers who are more than capable to give advice and troubleshoot any issues a new or experienced pool owner might come across, thus further emphasizes their holistic approach to customer care.

Our mission is to make the tedious task of owning a pool as simple and enjoyable as possible, whilst ensuring no hassles along the way.

Kreepy Krauly recently launched their all new and improved Hug Bug Pro automatic pool cleaner. It took the pool industry buy storm with its prevailing design and innovative technology that makes pool cleaning from tiled, fiberglass and even marbelite pools a fast and easy job.

With wide track design the all-new Hug Bug Pro automatic pool cleaner has the ability to scrub your pool, floor to wall while providing tremendous traction, effortlessly scaling walls whilst leaving no corner of the pool untouched. From stones, marbles, sand, and palm seeds the Hug Bug Pro easily picks up dirt leaving your pool sparkling throughout the year.

As extremely effective as the Hug Bug Pro is, it is just as reliable. We warrant the Hug Bug Pro to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years* from date of purchase by using the latest and best materials, this includes a 1 year unconditional* warranty on the machine.